The following describes the Refund Policy for our website.

No Chargebacks, No Fraudulent Claims, No Reversals

Payment fraud will not be tolerated under ANY condition, this includes filing fraudulent or false complaints with PayPal or their resolution center. We will vigorously defend ANY false claims against us, our products and our services. Please be advised that our Guarantees ALWAYS provide generous time for you to TRY and USE our products. Regardless of what 'guarantee' is offered on ANY sales page, the guarantee is always about 'satisfaction' and 'performance'. When you receive access to our product following checkout, we have legally met performance. The term 'satisfaction' is of course, a relative term, but you should understand that we do NOT knowingly offer or sell defective products, harmful products or products that are significantly different that described. While we'll work directly with you to ensure your satisfaction, please understand we are ethical, honorable people and will NOT knowingly mislead you or deliberately cause you to have a 'bad expereince'. Please understand that sometimes mistakes happen but we will always do our best to remedy them quickly and without hesitation. With all of that in mind, we simply ask that you conduct yourself ethically and honorably as well, this includes 'civil behavior'...We will not tolerate abusive, threatening or harassing emails or customer service requests from anyone. Likewise, should any matter escalate, we reserve the right to use any and ALL communication, logs, transaction records and ANY other information transmitted or communicated with us with ANY third parties, in the event of any fraudulent or false claims against us, our products or our service team.

Updated September 2, 2017